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Golf is a great way to improve your health

Everyone knows that any form of exercise is good for your health, but the steo to actually exercise is usually quite steep. That's why golf is great! You dont need to be in any specific shape when you start, and it's great fun! Just make sure to gear yourserf properly. With a waterproof golf jacket from Galvin Green you're ready for a bit of rain when golfing. So gear up and start golfing, it's so much fun!

Colored Garden Hoses is the next great thing

Garden Hoses doesn't have to be low quality, green and lame! Yea you heard (read) me. The Swedish Company Garden Glory has great products for your home and garden, besides looking like art they are hugely pratical. Their colored garden hose look great on your house! You can combine your own kit of hoses, nozzles and hangers, or buy a complete kit right awayo.

Taske care of yourself

Your wellbeing is of great importance, if you don't feel good everything becomes much harder. Now, how is the best way to take care of yourself? Well that's very personal, there is no universal truth to this. Except maybe a few things, a good diet and exercise is always good for you. But what makes you happy? Gardening? Writing? Shopping even? Getting your nails done with gel nail polish? That's something you have to look into yourself to find.

I love my garden

I need to repeat this, I really love my garden. One of my all time best purchases is the robotic lawn mower. My lawn has never been greener and there is absolutely no moss. Besides that I've spent a lot of time making sure the rest of my garden is pretty and healthy. What can you do besides gardening to make your garden and house pop? Well you can purchase great looking garden and home design products.


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